Synthesis and characterization of new nano-vectors for drug or gene delivery

Working Group
The research activity carried out in the Bionanotechnology laboratory concerns the design and characterization of liquid crystalline nano-systems. These lyotropic systems are interesting soft materials thanks to their rich polimorfism as a function of concentration and temperature. They can be used as drug or gene delivery vectors, and in some cases for the controlled or targeted delivery to specific receptors. Liposomes, hexosomes and cubosomes represent carriers currently used in our research. In particular, the research activity is developed through:
  • Design and synthesis o ffunctionalized amphiphilic lipids that can self-assemble into nanostructures such as micelles, liposomes or structures more complex used in gene or drug delivery.
  • Physical chemistry and chemical physics characterization of complex structures and correlation of their structural features with the ability to incorporate drugs or nucleic acids to delivery. Methods used: X-ray diffraction, Electrophoretic and Dynamic Light Scattering, Electrophoresis.