Soft Matter Group – Opportunities

Our group offers several research opportunities to students in bachelor’s (laurea triennale), master’s (laurea magistrale), and doctorate (dottorato di ricerca) degree programs. Scientific missions abroad may be possible for those interested.

Research topics span from the experimental investigation of innovative materials by X-ray diffraction and electro-optical techniques to data analysis, computational molecular modeling, and the design of laboratory instrumentation. A few examples are provided below.

1) X-ray investigation of graphene-based nanocomposites with enhanced mechanical properties.

2) Structural properties of unconventional liquid crystals.

3) Electro-optical characterization of unconventional liquid crystals.

4) Computational modelling of soft materials via molecular dynamics simulations.

5) Self-assembled nanostructures for biomedical applications.

6) Development of software for the analysis of X-ray diffraction patterns.

7) Design of a temperature-controlled sample holder for X-ray diffraction experiments under magnetic field.