Soft Matter Group – Facilities

X-RAY DIFFRACTION – The facility is devoted to the study of the structure of matter from both a fundamental and an applicative point of view. It provides state of the art equipment aimed at performing high quality research over nano and macro scale feature of the matter.


  • RIGAKU SmartLab Diffractometer featuring a 9 kW rotating anode X-ray generator, a HyPix-3000 high-energy-resolution 2D semiconductor detector, an in-plane diffraction arm
  • Bruker General Area Detector Diffraction System (GADDS)

OPTICAL MICROSCOPY The laboratory is provided with a fully equipped Zeiss polarized light microscope allowing measurements in different conditions: orthoscopy, conoscopy, transmitted and reflected light. Observations are possible in a controlled temperature environment.


  • Zeiss microscope Axio Scope 5 Pol (with Bertrand lens and Berek compensators)
  • Hot stage up to 300° C

OPTICS, PHOTONICS and OPTOACOUSTIC LAB – In the Optoacoustic laboratories, new polymeric materials al liquid crystal-based materials are developed and optically characterized. Moreover advanced research in the field of acoustic are made in connection with the advanced course in Engineering of Musical Instruments and DII/DIISM departments.


  • Continuum Surelite SLII – 20 pulsed laser Nd: Yag 650 mJ 1064 300 MJ 532 NM 20Hz (visibile ed infrarosso)
  • Continuum helium cadmium laser (HeCd)
  • FPYL-457-XXXT-SLM Blue Single Frequency DPSS Laser, 0.5 W
  • Shining 3D optical scanner with industrial pack, 3D printers and washing machines
  • High resolution Audio acquisition system (24-bit A/D)
  • MiniCTA 54T42 Anemometer Package
  • Ocean Optics HR4000 high resolution spectrometer
  • NI USB-6361, DAQ X Series BNC 24 bit 16 independent channels @ 2 MS/s

Technical Contact: Dr. Luigi Montalto