Working group

Giuseppe Scarpelli, EvgheniaSakellariadi, Viviene M. E. Fruzzetti, Antonio Ferretti

Collaborations: Paolo Ruggeri, David Segato, Alessandro Vita(della G.E.S srl già spin off UNIVPM)


Research in this area has been carried out since many years with reference to the behaviour at failure of hard and stiff clayey soils. Overconsolidated clay exhibits brittle behaviour at low to intermediate confining stresses. Results have been achieved particularly in understanding the influence of dilatancy on the shear strength of stiff overconsolidated clays.

Many clay formations are affected by complex systems of joints, bedding planes and faults.  In these cases, the field behaviour is controlled by these macrodiscontinuities, whereas the laboratory properties mostly depend on index properties, void ratio, bonding and fissures (if any) and state of stress.

The research focuses on the geotechnical investigation activities able to interpret the kinematics of processes monitored during the engineering works.