A multi-cultural international hardcopy journal available in two languages also published on-line which reports the initiatives of excellence introduced in Marche Region and realized by University and Territorial Authorities as well as the cultural, landscape and artistic worth of a territory which is so differently beautiful.
An occasion for interdisciplinary cultural and scientific discussion with other national and transnational players and some of the most famous international journals.
Although the starting point of the Journal is Marche, it unlocks a relationship of cultural and scientific exchange and collaboration focused on the results of research work of excellence and high quality interventions that include topics of international interest which are original, concrete, innovative and extendable to other territorial realities as well as abstracts that address both the public at large and experts.
The Journal also presents a wealth of images and emotions. An ode to the land of Marche and its people, in search of its hidden beauty.The strength and character of its people.The colours, aromas, the scent of the sea and fields.
The fascination of its history, its Eastern and Western seas. A land that steals your heart.