Materials emission factors assessment

Gruppo di lavoro
Maria Letizia Ruello, Chiara Giosuè, Mattia Pierpaoli, Silvia Palmieri, Luca Riderelli
Descrizione del campo di attività
Environmental chambers, specifically designed and implemented are used for the determination of VOC emissions from building materials, such as resilient floor coverings, adhesives, wall coatings and paints. The laboratory-made chambers are maintained at controlled temperature, humidity, replacement parameters, and air mixing. In laboratory tests it is important to operate under controlled and reproducible conditions and in operating conditions as comparable as possible with the real ones. The chambers are constructed with materials that exhibit minimal adsorption properties of the volatile compounds under investigation, and are supplied with high purity air to minimize background noise. The qualitative and quantitative emission characteristics of the material under investigation are determined by analyzing the composition of the air inside the environmental chamber and calculating from these data the composition of the emissions themselves and the flow of release of pollutants to the environment, usually expressed in micrograms per meter per hour.