magnetic materials, nanostructured and superconductors


Working group

Daniele Rinaldi, Paolo Mengucci, Gianni Barucca, Luigi Gobbi, Adriano Di Cristoforo



CNR ISM,CNR IRTEC, Dipartimento diFisica, Universtà di Modena e Reggio Emilia


Studies on magnetic materials, nanostructured and superconductors have been carried out by means of magnetic measurements and structural characterization, aimed to the theoretical comprehension of the involved physical phenomena.  The magnetic order (ferromagnetism, superparamagnetism, antiferromagnetism, spin glass, cluster glass), phase transitions(Verwey, Morin, etc.) andgiant magnetoresistance as a function of temperature, chemical-physical characteristics is studied. Different magnetic systems were characterized and studied as magnetic nanoparticles in powdered systems or dispersed in a matrix, magnetic bilayers, ultra-small magnetite, perovskite, etc.have been studied.


High critical temperature ceramic superconductors like YBCO, LASCO, BSCCO, Hg-1201, Hg-1223 were studied. In addition, superconducting thin films and MgB2 pure and doped with different elements, have been studied. The superconducting properties of these materials have been studied in relation to the preparation techniques and to the structural and chemical-physical characteristics.


The studies and the researches on these arguments have been carried out by means of measurements by XRD, TEM, HRSEM, Quantum Design Susceptometer.