Working group: Giuseppe Scarpelli, Evghenia Sakellariadi, Viviene M. E. Fruzzetti

Collaborations: Paolo Ruggeri, David Segato, Alessandro Vita(della G.E.S srlgià spin off UNIVPM)

This research is inspired and motivated by the recent changes in European and Italian Construction Codes. In fact, the introduction of the Eurocodes has led to important changes in the field of legislation for constructions; the group’s coordinator is part of the European Committees for the Eurocodes, and the group has been actively involved in the writing, maintenance and regular revision of the codes, has produced the translation of the Eurocode 7 in Italian, and has contributed in the writing of several crucial parts of the Italian Code of Practice, both in the earlier versions of 2005 and 2008, and in the more recent one of 2018.

This activity regarding the formulation of codes of practice also implies detailed studies in the subject of safety definition and quantification, and various methods and approaches are being applied, ranging from comparisons of the various approaches for safety assessment, to the use of numerical analyses, both traditional and advanced using dedicated software.