Laboratorio di Ingegneria Sanitaria e Ambientale

Head: Ing. Anna Laura Eusebi

The laboratory and the pilot experimental facilities support the research, development, design and management of advanced and innovative technological systems and processes for the treatment and enhancement, with a view to circular economy, of urban and industrial wastewater and of waste liquids and solids, with particular reference to the organic fraction. The instrumentation present in the laboratory, in continuous modernization according to the national and international financed projects, allows for waste and waste: the analytical determination of the main organic and inorganic contaminants; the functional characterization, chemical-physical and respirometric, for the study and optimization of treatment and enhancement processes; bench-scale test and experimentation of innovative biological and chemical-physical processes.



Available instrumentation: Ion chromatography with autosamplers for ionic and metal forms, ICP plasma instrumentation, automatic pH meter / titration, Spectrophotometer, Centrifuge, Dryers, Distillators, Thermoreactors, Jar Test Equipment, Automatic Respirometer, Digester, Multiparameter online probes, Measurement system of biomethanation potential.