Investigation on the electrodeposition of nanocomposite coatings

Working Group
The electrodeposition of metals composite coatings containing micro- and nano-metric ceramic particles, has been the subject of numerous scientific researches in last few years. In fact, the incorporation of these particles into the metal matrix leads to an improvement in the mechanical properties of the deposits, in particular in the hardness and resistance to abrasion. The production of these composite coatings does not require substantial modifications of existing galvanic systems and this makes them convenient also from an economic point of view. In this research group, the electrodeposition of Zn-based and Zn-Ni-based composite coatings containing SiC, ZrO2 and Al2O3 nanoparticles on mild steel disks is studied. Electrodepositions are carried out both with pulsating and direct current. The properties of the obtained coatings are studied by scanning electron microscope observations, EDX analysis, X-ray diffractometry, micro-hardness measurements, free corrosion potential measurements, polarization resistance measurement and recording of the Tafel curves.