Hot dip galvanizing: innovation and process optimization

Working Group


In the context of an apparently consolidated industrial process, such as hot-dip galvanizing, there are still many possibilities for improving the process itself. For this purpose, new galvanizing alloys are studied to improve the final quality of the coating and to decrease the consumption of material and the environmental impact of the process. To improve the healthiness of the working environment, new fluxing solutions are studied that can greatly reduce the development of fumes during the immersion phase of the product in the molten zinc bath.

The obtained coatings are characterized by ICP, microscope and optical macroscope, electronic scanning microscope with EDX analysis and X-ray diffractometer. The durability of the coatings is studied by accelerated corrosion tests in different atmospheres (salt spray chamber and Kesternich chamber) and stress-strain tests using a horizontal traction machine.