Crystals, scintillator materials and photoelasticity


Working group

Daniele RinaldiPaolo MengucciGianni BaruccaNicola Paone, Lorenzo ScaliseFabrizio Davì, Giovanni LancioniLuigi MontaltoAdriano Di CristoforoLuigi Gobbi



CERN, INFN, Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Justus-Liebig-Universität – Gissen, Institute of Physics – Academy of Sciences of The Czech Republic,Technological Educational Institute of Athens, West Attica University Athens,Vilnius University Dep. Semiconductors physics, Filar Opto Materials Srl,


Basic and applied research on crystalline materials and scintillators of interest in high energy physics, biomedical diagnostics, safety and geological prospecting. These sectors need to develop theoretical knowledge to improve the performance of materials and to stimulate mass production at low cost. The group develops both models regarding elasto-optical behavior and instrumentation for experimental tests and quality control. The group carries out technical-scientific activities in the field of research, characterization, analysis and study of crystals and scintillator materials. Experimental techniques based on X-ray diffraction, electron microscopy, innovative photoelastic techniques, spectrophotometry, laser vibrometers, pulsed lasers, acoustic and ultrasound probes are used.