Corrosion of metallic materials for civil and industrial use

Working group

Gabriella Roventi, Tiziano BellezzeGiampaolo Giuliani, Annamaria Viceré

Description of the field of activity

The evaluation of corrosion resistance of metallic materials used both in civil and industrial sectors allows a correct selection that leads to a greater durability of the manufactured products. In this research group, in particular are studied:

– atmospheric corrosion resistance of stainless steels with different surface finishing and of metallic coatings (zinc and chromium plating) and non-metallic (paints and plastic coatings) on carbon steel substrates. The methods used are accelerated exposure tests of materials (salt spray, Kesternich chamber) and exposure in natural environments with different aggressiveness (rural, marine, urban).

– the corrosion resistance of both stainless and aluminum alloys in different environments. The methods of study are based in this case mainly on electrochemical techniques such as the recording of polarization curves and the electrochemical impedance, assisted by optical and electronic microscopy.