Composite Material

Head: G.Albertini 

Team: G.Albertini, J.Dyson, Ilaria Poggetti


Università di Perugia, Italia

School of Materials, The University of Manchester, UK

Aerospace Research Institute, The University of Manchester, UK



A systematic study is performed on the effects of thermal treatments used in the cure of composite materials. Although the scientific literature reports many studies on the subject, a theory deduced fromfirst principles is not found.

We designed some thermal treatments allowing to evaluate the basic parameters of the theory, eliminating the mismatch between the values measured by the probes and those of the matrix and the reinforce without the perturbation induced by them.

The correspondence between the predicted and experimental values of strain shows an accurate physical understanding of the origins of the measured data for the entire thermal curing cycle used in the experiment.

We mean to obtainthe recipes allowing to choose the right thermal treatment for any desired strain to induce inside the composite material.