Applied geology and hydrogeology: Laboratories



The Isotope and Environmental Hydrogeology Lab carries out activities mainly aimed at defining the physical and chemical aspects affecting groundwater flow: water budget, in terms of infiltration, transit and outflow in and from the aquifer; hydrodynamic and hydraulic parameters and conditions; characterization and monitoring of contaminated sites; groundwater flow paths geometry; hydrogeological boundaries; groundwater and solutes transport modeling. The Lab performs test and analyses for water resources estimation.

Field equipment: The Lab has extensive field equipment for characterization of subsurface aquifer properties and measurement of hydrologic processes. Outdoor lab mainactivities and equipment:

Groundwater level and aquifer properties measurements: sensors for continued measuring of water level, temperature and electrical conductivity in groundwater and surface water systems
Streamflow measurementand stream level gauging: sondemultiparametrichemultiparameter-instrument (pH, EC, temp.) handheld for hydrogeological field work, MESA rugged portable computer for field use, pumping equipment for groundwater sampling between 10m and 90m depth, electrical generator, flow meter including electro-magnetic current-meter and counter, software and supports, flow meter including electro-magnetic current-meter and counter, software and supports



Tracer tests: equipment for vertical log in wells and discharge measurements with tracer methods (salt tracing), instrument for discharge measurements in streams and tracer tests in aquifers (fluorescent tracing), instrument for tracer tests in aquifers (portable fluorescent probes)

Water quality measurements and water sampling: automatic sampler for 24 samples,augers for soil sampling, depth samplers and baylers for groundwater sampling
Laboratory equipment: The Lab has several instruments for both measuring routine analyses and testing of porous and fractured rocks. Main lab activities and instruments:
Major elements chemical analyses by spectro-photometry


Measures of organic/inorganic spectro-fluorimetry on water samples




Hydrogeological and environmental tests: batch and column tests, high dimension tank test, on porous and fissured rocks


Infiltration tests on soils




  • INFORMATION AND FORMS: Experiments and tests behalf of third parties: fluorimetric analyses, chemical analyses on water samples, vertical temperature, electrical conductivity logs, tracer tests in wells and boreholes, tracer tests in aquifers, discharge measurement in water courses. For information please contact the Laboratory Head.



The Geochemistry Lab carries out activities aimed at defining the chemical aspects affecting groundwater and surface water flow: chemical analyses on spring and aquifer water; major elements and trace elements are measured to evaluate and trace the origin of groundwater and flowpaths.


Prof. Alberto Tazioli



Sample treatment and preparation: distillation apparatus, ultra-pure grade Destilnorma L304, AquaMax ultra 370 SERIES, oven Benjamin (by Vittadini), magnetic stirrers and technical balances
Chemical analysis on groundwater and surface water: spring waters (low concentration), surface water, contaminated water (high concentration), Ion Chromatography DIONEX ICS-1000 with auto-sampler, UV detector and pneumatic control, DIONEX ICS-900, DIONEX DX-100, spectro-photometer MILTON ROY Spectronics 601, AAS Philips +9100



  • INFORMATION AND FORMS: Experiments and tests behalf of third parties: chemical analyses on groundwater and surface water samples, with different concentrations (from high to low). For information please contact the Laboratory Head.