12th  International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Management (ICEEM 12), 13 – 16 September 2023


 September 2023

The Department of Environmental Engineering and Management, from the Cristofor Simionescu Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Protection, of the Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi organizes the 12th International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Management –ICEEM12, between 13th and 16th September 2023 in Iasi, Romania. This edition is organized in collaboration with Universita Politecnica delle Marche, Italy. After 4 editions abroad, ICEEM06, Balatonalmady, Hungary; ICEEM07, Vienna, Austria; ICEEM09, Bologna, Italy; ICEEM 11, Muttenz, Switzerland, the actual edition of ICEEM is again hosted by the Gheorghe Asachi Technical University, in Iasi.

Under the headline Circular Economy and Sustainability, ICEEM12 will be a platform for scientific dissemination boosting internationalization, multi-disciplinarity and collaboration in research. ICEEM12 invites academia, industry and societal representatives to contribute innovative, multi-disciplinarity and cross-sectorial research to tackle current and future environmental and sustainability problems. More information about this edition and the previous ICEEM conferences may be found at: www.iceem.tuiasi.ro

The 12th Edition of ICEEEM represents a highly scientific international event, dedicated to promote and disseminate remarkable scientific results in the fields of Environmental Engineering, Environmental Management and Sustainable Development

This year’s edition, has 141 participants (101 from Romania and 40 from abroad), registered for 54 oral communications and 55 posters, grouped under 6 major conference topics: I. Environmental biotechnology, II. Water and wastewater cycles in the context of circular (bio)economy, III. Waste management in the context of circular (bio)economy, IV. Sustainability assessment & eco-innovation, V. Novel materials for environmental and energy applications, VI. Monitoring and modelling of environmental pollution and a Thematic workshop.

The ICEEM12 participants are well known specialists in environmental protection coming from twelve countries: Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom.

The extended abstracts were published in the ICEEM12 Conference Abstracts Book, published at the ECOZONE Publishing House of the Academic Organization for Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development (OAIMDD).

The plenary and keynote conferences, will be held by renowned scientific personalities, covering cutting-edge topics in environmental sciences: Prof.Dr. Joan Garcia (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain), Prof.Dr. Simos Malamis (National Technical University of Athens, Greece), Dr. Nicolas Caradot (Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin, Germany), Prof.Dr., Evina Katsou (Brunel University, London, United Kingdom), Prof.Dr. Florica Manea (Politechnica University of Timisoara, Romania), Dr. Marcela Mihai (Petru Poni Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Iasi, Romania), Prof.Dr. Anna Laura Eusebi (Marche Polytechnic University, Italy), Dr. Sabino de Gisi (Politecnico di Bari, Italy), Dr. Mabel Mora (Beta Technological Center, Spain).

The most important scientific contributions presented at ICEEM12 will be published in important international peer-reviewed journals Special Issues, after the conference and considering the specific peer-review processes. These journals are presented below:

  • Environmental Engineering and Management Journal (ISI ranked, TUIASI).
  • Water (ISI ranked, MDPI).

The ICEEM12 Conference is financially sponsored by SC SALUBRIS SA Iasi and a prize for the Best PhD oral presentation (300 EUR) awarded by Water MDPI Journal.

The series of International Conferences on Environmental Engineering and Management, was initiated and organized every 2 years, since 2002, by Department of Environmental Engineering and Management, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Protection, ofGheorghe Asachi Technical University Iasi, aiming from the beginning, to bring together international researchers, academics, professionals and students, activating in the fields of environmental engineering, environmental management and sustainability and to support knowledge exchange and dissemination of specific research and educational programmes. The conference language was exclusively English for all ICEEM editions.

Department of Environmental Engineering and Management of Gheorghe Asachi Technical University Iasi, is the national leader in research and academic activities in the field of Environmental Engineering. In 2011 (last national ranking), all the educational programs offered (Bachelor, Master, PhD and Post-Doctoral) were classified on the 1st place in the national ranking, based on evaluation of academic and research activities, national, international visibility, quality of inter-institutional partnerships.

Università Politecnica delle Marche (UNIVPM) was established in 1971 and has about 17000 students and include five faculties of Engineering, with more than 7200 students. Department of Science and Engineering of Materials, Environment and Urban Planning and the Laboratory of Water and Waste Environmental Engineering (WWEELab) led by Prof. Francesco Fatone coordinated the Horizon2020 Innovation Action “SMART-Plant” and has been or is WP leader/partner of more than 20 European or international projects in the last 5 years from different financing programmes.

Since its 1st Edition, ICEEM01, held in September 2002 in Iasi, the ICEEM international visibility was ensured by a broad participation of scientists coming from all continents and plenary/keynote conferences held by international prestigious scientists.

More information about the 12th International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Management– ICEEM12, as well as about its previous editions, may be found on the official conference website: www.iceem.tuiasi.ro

ICEEM12 Conference Presidents,

Prof.dr. Carmen TeodosiuGheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi 
Prof.dr. Francesco Fatone, Universita Politecnica delle Marche, Italy
Assoc.Prof.dr. Brindusa-Mihaela SluserGheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi