Advanced electron nanoscopy investigations of nanostructured materials – 15 Febbraio alle ore 15.00 in aula 155/1

The development and optimization of growth processes, that allow to control shape and size of the
produced nanostructures, is an aspect of major interest in material science and nanotechnology.
Nanostructures with desired morphological, structural and chemical features exhibit specific
properties that can be exploited in several research fields, such as catalysis, photovoltaics and so on.
In order to control, study and understand in detail the behaviour of the produced systems, it is
important to perform detailed investigations by means of high-resolution methodologies.
Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is ideal thanks to the possibility to obtain information on
nanostructures with high spatial resolution, down to the atomic scale. To unambiguously investigate
specific TEM or STEM image characteristic features, 3D atomic modelling and EM image simulation
are required. Moreover, structural information can be combined with physico-chemical analysis via
electron energy loss spectroscopy in STEM mode (EELS-STEM) to comprehensively understand the
nanostructured material under investigation.