Project ITHACA: Innovative and sustainable TecHnologies for reducing critical raw mAterials dependence for Cleaner transportation Applications

The solutions proposed in ITHACA originate from networking and scientific activities developed thanks to the CA15102 Action CRM-EXTREME, which has seed the initial catalytic nucleus contributing to the success of two related H2020 projects, MONAMIX and EQUINOX, and of a bilateral Greece-Israel industrial R&D project, Euro6cat. The scientific focus of ITHACA will be on the assessment of processes for:

  • the substitution of Yttrium (Y) in Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBCs) for aerospace engines,
  • the replacement of Cobalt (Co) alloys in components for combustion engines
  • the substitution of Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) in automotive catalysts.

The aim of ITHACA is to bring together significant research (critical mass) expertise from all over Europe in the area of materials manufacturing and recycling in order to create a new research community able to identify and address the challenges in sustainable processes aimed at reducing CRMs in transportation applications. The creation of ITHACA Network will serve to capture and understand the current materials manufacturing scene and pump-prime activities in this area to move the sector forward.