PoC Value Project : “Self-Sensing conCretes for HEATing products  – SensCrHEAT”, Project coordinator Prof. Francesca Tittarelli

The UNIVPM patented “self sensing” mix (n. 102020000022024 – COMPOSITIONS OF ECO-FRIENDLY AND SELF-SENSITIVE MORTARS AND CONCRETES FOR THE MANUFACTURING OF REINFORCED AND NON-REINFORCED CONSTRUCTION ELEMENTS, CONSTRUCTION ELEMENT AND ASSOCIATED METHODS FOR THE CREATION OF SELF-MONITORING STRUCTURES) shows how expensive commercial additions for self-sensing concretes, such as those graphene-based, can be replaced by low-cost industrial by-products. 

Nowdays, low-resistive graphene-based cementitious composites, thanks to their better thermal conductivity, are proposed not only for “self-sensing” concrete but also for both external (antifreeze) and internal (floor/wall heating) heated surfaces. 

SensCrHEAT intends to investigate whether even the low-cost additions of the UNIVPM patented mix can improve the thermal conductivity of conglomerates, verifying their effectiveness both with Portland cement and with more innovative binders, such as alkali activated (AA) and sulfo-aluminate cements (CSA). Finally, SensCrHEAT intends to combine in a single element the UNIVPM patented “self-sensing” mix with other monitoring systems to evaluate their possible complementarity, to benefit the safety, durability and sustainability of the structures.