Soft Matter Group – Publications

Strong graphene oxide nanocomposites from aqueous hybrid liquid crystals – NATURE COMMUNICATIONS vol.11, 830 (2020)
M. Hegde, L. Yang, F. Vita, R.J. Fox, R. van de Watering, B. Norder, U. Lafont, O. Francescangeli, L.A. Madsen, S.J. Picken, E.T. Samulski & T.J. Dingemans

Search for microscopic and macroscopic biaxiality in the cybotactic nematic phase of new oxadiazole bent-core mesogens– PHYSICAL REVIEW E vol.93, 062701 (2016)
Y.-K. Kim, G. Cukrov, F. Vita, E. Scharrer, E.T. Samulski, O. Francescangeli & O.D. Lavrentovich

Micrometer-scale ordering of silicon-containing block copolymer thin films via high-temperature thermal treatments– ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES vol.8, 9897 (2016)
T.J. Giammaria, F. Ferrarese Lupi, G. Seguini, M. Perego, F. Vita, O. Francescangeli, B. Wenning, C.K. Ober, K. Sparnacci, D. Antonioli, V. Gianotti & M. Laus

Evidence of biaxial order in the cybotactic nematic phase of bent-core mesogens– CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS vol.26, 4671 (2014)
F. Vita, T. Tauscher, F. Speetjens, E.T. Samulski, E. Scharrer & O. Francescangeli

Extraordinary magnetic field effect in bent-core liquid crystals – PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS vol.107, 207801 (2011)
O. Francescangeli, F. Vita, F. Fauth & E.T. Samulski

Cybotaxis dominates the nematic phase of bent-core mesogens: A small-angle diffuse X-ray diffraction study – SOFT MATTER vol.7, 895 (2011)
O. Francescangeli, F. Vita, C. Ferrero, T. Dingemans & E.T. Samulski

O. Francescangeli, V. Stanic, S.I. Torgova, A. Strigazzi, N. Scaramuzza, C. Ferrero, I. Dolbnya, T.M. Weiss, R. Berardi, L. Muccioli, S. Orlandi, C. Zannoni
“Ferroelectric response and induced biaxiality in the nematic phase of a bent-core mesogen”
Advanced Functional Materials 19 (16), pp. 2592–2600 (2009).
Highlighted in the Spotlight on science section of the European Synchrotron Radiation  Facility (ESRF) webpage:

O. Francescangeli and E.T. Samulski “Insights into the cybotactic nematic phase of bent-core mesogens”   Soft Matter 6 (11), pp. 2413-2420 (2010).

S.J. Picken, T.J. Dingemans, L.A. Madsen, O. Francescangeli, E.T. Samulski “Uniaxial to biaxial nematic phase transition in a bent-core thermotropic liquid crystal by polarising microscopy”
Liquid Crystals 39 (1), pp. 19-23 (2012). Cover Journal Article.
Luckhurst-Samulski Prize 2012.

F. Vita, I.F. Placentino, C. Ferrero, G. Singh, E.T. Samulski, O. Francescangeli “Electric field effect on the phase diagram of a bent-core liquid crystal”
Soft Matter 9 (28), pp. 6475-6481(2013).

F.Vita, K. Sparnacci, G. Panzarasa, I.F. Placentino, S. Marino, N. Scaramuzza, G. Portale, E. Di Cola, C. Ferrero, S.I. Torgova, G. Galli, M. Laus, O. Francescangeli “Evidence of Cybotactic Order in the Nematic Phase of a Main-Chain Liquid Crystal Polymer with Bent-Core Repeat Unit”
ACS Macro Letters 3 (1), pp. 91-95 (2014).

O. Francescangeli, F. Vita, E.T. Samulski “The cybotactic nematic phase of bent-core mesogens: state of the art and future developments”
Soft Matter 10 (39), 7685-7691 (2014). Invited Highlight Article.

L. Lucchetti, F. Vita, E. Scharrer, O. Francescangeli, F. Simoni “Optical nonlinearity in the nematic phase of bent-core mesogens”
Optics Letters 40(13), pp. 2953-2956 (2015).

F. Vita, M. Hedge, G. Portale, W. Bras, C. Ferrero, E.T. Samulski, O. Francescangeli, T. Dingemans “Molecular Ordering in the high-temperature nematic phase of an all-arometic liquid crystal”
Soft Matter 12(8), pp. 2309-2314 (2016).

T.J. Gianmaria, F. Ferrarese Lupi, G. Seguini, M. Perego, F. Vita, O. Francescangeli, B. Wenning, C.K. Ober, K. Sparnacci, D. Antonioli, V. Gianotti, M. Laus “Micrometer-Scale Ordering of Silicon-Containing Block Copolymer Thin Films via High-Temperature Thermal Tretaments”
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 8, pp. 9897-9908 (2016).

P. Astolfi, E. Giorgini, V. Gambini, B. Rossi, L. Vaccari, F. Vita, O. Francescangeli, C. Marchini, M. Pisani “Lyotropic Liquid-Crystalline Nanosystems as Drug Delivery Agents for 5-Fluorouracil: Structure and Cytotoxicity”
Langmuir 33(43), pp. 12369-12378 (2017).
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