About us

Welcome to the website of the Department of Science and Engineering of Matter, Environment and Urban Planning (SIMAU)

Established in July 2011 with the aim of bringing together in a single structure different expertised capable of contributing to a high-level teaching and high-profile international research in the field of materials and environmental science and engineering, the Department of Science and Engineering of Matter, Environment and Urban Planning (SIMAU) gathers teachers from both basic disciplinary areas (hard sciences), such as Chemistry, Physics and Earth Sciences, and more specific and applied ones, such as Materials, Geotechnics, Geology, Environmental Engineering and Urban Planning.

The teaching activities carried out by the Department members are inherent to all Degree Courses within the Engineering Faculty.

The Department is structured into different reference areas that include Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Geotechnics, Materials Science and Technology, Environmental Chemical Engineering, Urban Planning and Socio-Economic area.

Its research activities are supported by a series of high-level laboratories and infrastructures that enable it to carry out both a qualified research activity as well as a service activity towards public and private bodies and companies, at regional and national levels.

The Department is involved in research and studies concerning the development of innovative materials, the optimal management of natural resources, the recovery and conservation of the environment and the territory, and the preservation of assets of artistic value and engineering works in general; the researchers working there collaborate actively with other universities, agencies and research institutes, and participate in research programs, both national and international. Particular attention is also paid to technology transfer to public and private enterprises and collaboration with the local economic and social environment.